U.S. Congressman Bill Shuster
Head of
Transportation Committee

Tired of the Traffic?? Look no further! 


This is the solution, MONORAIL !!!  Transit without the traffic, ride smooth, ride above the crowd of cars at a reasonable speed on a Monorail and arrive when you desire. 

Contact Your U.S. or State Representative and Say Monorails Now !!


NEWS !!!!  ​Governor McAuliffe just unveiled the new “Atlantic Gateway” transportation plan, the most comprehensive transit revitalization plan in Virginia history. The plan will total $1.4 billion, with $165 million in federal FASTLANE grant funds from the US Department of Transportation, over $500 million in private funding from CSX and Transurban, and the rest funded through the state.

There was $800 million available nationwide through President Obama’s FASTLANE grant, Virginia received about one-fifth of that money. It supports the high-speed rail line from Richmond to Raleigh, NC.  The Virginia portion of the 95 corridor is the most congested corridor in the Southeast; worse than even Atlanta and Miami. We are tired of waiting in traffic. It shouldn’t take an hour or two to drive across town to watch our kids play a ballgame in the afternoon. To increase economic activity and grow our new Virginia economy, it has to be a pleasurable experience for everyone trying to get around the Commonwealth, whether it be trying to get to the store, commuting to work, or trying to ship goods from Hampton Roads to points north.

The Atlantic Gateway Project includes 14 miles of additional rail track along the 95 corridor, including a new Long Bridge over the Potomac River, relieving this and notorious chokes point for VRE commuters, Amtrak travelers and CSX freight rail. Other rail bypasses will include a 4th track between Potomac and Alexandria, and a third track between Franconia and Occoquan, so passenger trains won’t get stuck behind freight rail anymore.

Another part of the Atlantic Gateway project that stands to benefit our area, is that it will make equitable investments and improvements in bus transit access through adding at least ten new bus routes. The funds will also extend the 95 express lanes 7 miles north to the DC line, with access points to the Pentagon, and 10 miles south to Fredericksburg, including a new southbound bridge across the Rappahannock. Construction on the extensions will begin in 2017.

Finally, as we improve our transportation network, the Commonwealth of Virginia is making the necessary improvements to 95 that will allow for autonomous vehicle deployment, coming in the near future. 

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Look at Las Vegas !  Look at Disney Parks !  Riding high above the crowd !


Las Vegas has 4 miles of Monorail with 7 stations at a cost of $88 million per mile.  Presently their is expansion to the Airport in work.   Disney World has 14.7 miles of Monorail since 1971 and has been expanding with newer systems by Bombardier, INC. 

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On 21 July 2015

"With Fort Belvoir employing more people than the Pentagon and limited transit options, commuters and residents face som of the worst traffic in North Virginia."

Mr. Paul Krizek (running for 44th Virginia District)