"Transrapid Maglev Australia"

 ThyssenKrupp Transrapid Maglev System offers the only viable fast intercity rail   solution for Australia.

 Why Maglev? ***

Problems with conventional Rail

Conventional Rail is too slow for Australia and would result in most trips from Melbourne to Sydney taking over three hours which is not competitive with air travel.

This is also True for Virginia from Richmond to

Norfolk or North Virginia !!  Conventional Rail is too slow

For Longer Distances.

 **Notes from Australian Website

 *** See Detail Tab for Maglev Explanation

Conventional AMTRAK  has a lower tolerance of small radius turns and steep gradients which requires more tunnels and bridges.

     Elevated conventional AMTRAK rail has a high visual impact due to the large structure required including overhead power lines and heavy

guard rails to prevent derailment.

     Wide conventional AMTRAK rail easements cut into the landscape due to their low tolerance of gradients or tight curve radii.

   As for the Highways and Rails thousands of bridges are needed for roads and rivers along with continuous high fencing on both sides.

The rail easements often divide farms and natural habitats.

Additionally AMTRAK has very irregular schedule South of Washington, DC.  

AMTRAK engines for South East  Virginia are diesel engines and not electric causing higher emissions. 

Monorail  is environmentally favorable due to low emissions and reduced land-use impact !!

Note - Higher Speed Monorail (Maglev) with Thicker Lines - Speeds up to 170 mph ( see Detail Tab)

 Problems with conventional AMTRAK Rail !

 Conventional AMTRAK Rail is it is too slow for parts of Virginia and it would result in most trips over two to four hours which is not competitive with air or car travel !!

Monorail can save a lot of money, rise above the traffic and not impact the environmental.    Standard speed is 50 mph.   Newer Maglev technology Monorail can run up to 310 mph as seen in China since 2004.   

 Note: Assuming $111 M / mile (2015 Dollars) to build a Bombardier Innovia Monorail 300 system the 14.1 mile Route 1 Monorail would Cost an estimated $1,565 M to build.